Well the last 1000 km of our journey has been rather dull photographically. After we left Bourke, there really wasn't much to photograph. Kilometer after kilometer of endless Australian bush that all pretty much looked the same. However, we did manage to amuse ourselves along the way. One night, we stopped in the middle of nowhere where there was an abandoned road construction work site. There was a huge mound of dirt and crushed rock. Dennis suggested Frank and I could do a star trail with the mound of dirt as the focal point. Well I lost the plot laughing over that idea. Frank built a bonfire and we all went to bed early after dinner. In the morning, Frank managed to get these two photos at sunrise.

After we left Cunnamulla, we stopped at a clearing in the middle of nowhere for lunch. While having lunch, Frank and I decided that the area was a prime site for a caravan park.

The next day, we stopped for lunch at Moonie which is the site of Australia's first commercial oil field. Here's a photo of Dennis with some of the original machinery:

Today we arrived at Cotton Tree on the Sunshine Coast. We were very happy to finally set up the Budget Barbie Campervan in her full splendour. Here's some photos:

After we set up the Budget Barbie Mansion we set to work on editing the many photos from the last two weeks that we just haven't had time to get to yet.