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History of photogaphy

Jan 08, 2020 Photography

It is difficult to envision a universe without photography. By selfies and family photos into college pictures and wedding photographs, photography has become so ingrained in our contemporary culture that it is almost second nature..

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The Way to Locate Motivation at a Pandemic for Photographers

Dec 14, 2019 Photography

As an NYIP pupil in the Photojournalism Course, I love the advantage an internet education provides. I find the time to research and finish projects among a hectic work schedule and home life.

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Photograph Trees in Your Backyard

May 01, 2019 Photography

If you are staying home and social networking due to the pandemic, you may be on the lookout for ways to stay active and remain creative.

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Aug 08, 2013 Photography

Well the last 1000 km of our journey has been rather dull photographically. After we left Bourke, there really wasn’t much to photograph.

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